I was born in July 1980 in Baghdad, Iraq. Art came into my life when I was 5 years old and since then my passion for drawing didn’t stop. In the early days, I didn’t have any kind of support from others including my family, except for some school friends of mine.
We were three; one of us was really good at drawing and sketching Marvel style, and we were very fascinated by Marvel comics. We were drawing and playing heroes nearly every day at recess in school. From that time my interest in comics was growing. In 1988 one of my super hero characters (which is still under development) won a prize.
In 1991, I met my Friend and brother Rabee. Since our first meeting we developed our ideas concerning great stories, comics as well as new ideas for video games. We spent years and years planning and creating and developing. And something to mention, in Iraq at that time, we where very very very very limited with resources and any inspiration materials. Without Internet Cable or Satellites and books or specific magazines meeting our interests. The only source of inspiration for us was to go to a small video game shop, where we could play only for a few minutes, and afterwards we would talk about it at the corner of the street for hours.
Unfortunately, we had the ideas in our heads and on paper, but couldn’t present them, because nobody was interested in helping us or even take a look at our ideas. And the more frustrating thing was that some of our ideas or strategies started to take part in the game industry at that time.
It was our biggest goal to develop the story and the characters of MORTAL KOMBAT 1 and 2 on Sega. But the frustration continued, since some of our ideas appeared in MORTAL KOMBAT 3.
Surly we believe that we still have more good ideas for MORTAL KOMBAT and the development of the story.
When I read about some Artist’s life and how they had the chance to meet other big artists or experts to have feedback or Art study or courses, I ask myself, if I am really an artist or not? Do I have to get these chances to be a good Artist? Unfortunately I didn’t had these chances. Nobody around me had any interest in what I was doing, with very limited resources. Everything I had to do it by myself, learning practicing, criticizing, motivating myself and so on.
I was forced to choose sport college studies to evade Military service. But it was a good opportunity for me to work at the same time as Graphic designer. Before that I
tried hard to do my study at the Art college in Baghdad University, but the corruption at that time prevented me to have this chance.
My only chance to meet with comic artists and illustrators was with a young group in a small company called Al-Aqmaar. From there I received real feedback which was really fruitful. We were doing comics for kids mostly and some animations too. I learned a lot at that time, and I am very thankful for that.
During that time my work as graphic designer didn’t stop. I was doing some work for Magazines and publicities. A few years later I start a new work as an Art director for design and printing house called Future Group LTD. During this time the last war and the American invasion already happened. The country was in big chaos, as is still the case during writing this. But on the other side many new technologies and applications started to enrich our lifes.
In 2006 a dramatic private situation forced me to leave Iraq. My first station was in the north of Iraq, and the second station was in Jordan. In Jordan I did some work as graphic designer there for surviving only. In 2007 until now, I do live in Switzerland, for 5 years I worked for a company called Platypus Institute Gmbh (www.platypus.ch) as graphic designer and comic artist. During that time my skills developed and improved.
My first course I took was for learning Corel Draw 0.6 in 1995. After that I started learning Photoshop 0.5 by myself. At that time Corel Draw was the most used vector design application in Iraq, but my English skills were not good enough to master these programs. But I improved by trying and discovering. Since then I am driven by these wheels and they paved my way as a graphic designer and comic artist.

The training began, but never stopped.

My dream with my Friend Rabee is still alive and we will do all our best to make it real one time. We are still planning to create our own stories, and I keep trying to do a good drawing for these stories. We are aiming always to have a high quality work.