My name is Bashar Ahmed born in 1980. I studied physical education at the University of Baghdad and graduated with a Bachelor degree in 2005. I have been working in the fields of arts and design for more than 15 years.
Originally, I am from Iraq. At the age of 18 I started working as a graphic designer in different newspaper production houses in Baghdad and learned to use Corel Draw 0.6 and Photoshop 0.5, which I regard as my starting point for learning more about digital art, and inhancing my artistic skills. I was also able to do caricature and to create comics for that newspaper.

I also worked in a Comic production house for kids, and as an character designer with animation group. All of this was in Iraq before moving to Switzerland in 2007. And in the moment I am Free lancer comic artist and Graphic designer, cartoonist and illustrator, 

I do like to draw fantasy and a lot of actions in my comics, moorving the realty with fantasy and great new characters or developing exciting ones, 

manly I do marvel style, and Manga and also mixing between them. Penciling and inking both tradetionaly and digitally too. 

I do have interest to put my skills in the Educational and Humanitarian projects and campaigns too. Beside the Art part in my live, I do have another strong part in Martial Art as an Aikido teacher. And I do training Kendo and Iaido, witch they are more then hobby for me.

I am so glad that you took the time to check my website and see my work.

And I Hope that you will enjoy it.